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E. Kurt Brouillet

(USMC retired)
Director of Operations
E. Kurt Brouillet

Mr. Edmond "Kurt" Brouillet is cofounder and qualified representative of Semper Fi Security, LLC (a Minnesota-based company).

Mr. Brouillet is also a certified trainer for the Minnesota State Private Detective and Protective Agent Board. Within Semper Fi Security, LLC, he provides security consultation while overseeing and partaking in the security services for security guard services, executive protection, training contracts, and special events security.

During his 20-year active duty career with the United States Marine Corps, Mr. Brouillet gained valuable U.S. Diplomatic Security experience in the U.S., Europe, and the Far East. His work in the U.S. Foreign Embassies, security fields, and training sectors has provided him years of asset protection experience. Mr. Brouillet has served many years as an instructor, instructor trainer, and a chief instructor in the fields of law enforcement, martial arts, and survival and mountaineering for the Navy and Marine Corps. The final chapter in Mr. Brouillet's successful military career was leading his company in the ground war of Iraqi Freedom, where he provided leadership, force security, logistics, and advances for his company, both during the ground war as well as during the police action for the months following the ground war's completion.

Since his retirement in 2004 from the Marine Corps, Mr. Brouillet has continued to provide federal government security as both a trainer and a supervisor for the security companies contracted to protect the federal buildings of Minnesota. As a protective agent, he has led a protection team in a low profile stalking case and has provided diplomatic executive security for international clients.

Professional Affiliations

National Rifle Association (NRA), Member
Executive Security International, Alumni
Disabled Veterans Association, Member
International Martial Arts Federation, Member
Minnesota Assoc. of Private Investigators & Protective Agents (MAPI)