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Executive Protection

Semper Fi Security's executive protection teams are established on mutual trust, total commitment, absolute confidentiality, and the professional expertise to carry out an assignment without compromise, with the primary focus being placed on providing professional, safe, and secure sites for all of our clients.

Semper Fi Security's close protection policy is to...

  • Collect intelligence, assess vulnerabilities, and depict threat model
  • Honestly assess, evaluate, and tender according to individual or corporate needs
  • Design countermeasures based on all collected information
  • Ensure all logistical details are properly prepared and make all the necessary security arrangements for the client
  • Avoid possible problems
  • Establish proactive preventative measures
  • Provide training to clients to enhance their security awareness
  • Establish and operate on-site command posts as needed
  • Screen and hire dependable team members that meet the high standards of training, experience, and professionalism expected by Semper Fi Security
  • Ensure all protective agents have the ability to operate in high and low profile situations
  • Foster continuous professional security training and skill development of protective agents
  • Increase employee skill levels and retention through training, promotions, and bonuses for inspired individuals
  • Prepare our team members and clients to calmly handle any security incident
  • Conduct continuous evaluations and assessments of security services
  • Provide a 24/7 on-call line for all registered clients
  • Provide on-demand security services to registered clients
  • Provide physical security consultations
  • Provide rapid response and resolution to all security matters
  • Maintain close working relationships with local authorities and emergency response teams
  • Surpass client expectations and satisfaction

For further information, to schedule a security consultation, or to request service, please contact:


OFFICE (651) 324-7188